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C109M Cyber-Plus Progress


Trio Middle East

Matest Cyber-Plus Progress is the latest generation digital controller for concrete, cement and steel testing. Cyber-Plus Progress is a dual-board controller equipped with a highly responsive gradient focused electronic card granting top sampling and control frequencies allowing high precision tests such as those in control of displacement or deformation on fiber-reinforced concrete samples.

A second, dedicated board features user-friendly graphic interface (800x480 pixels), with simultaneous visualization of test data and graphics and allows users to immediately gain confident with Cyber-Plus technology.

Main features

8 or 16 channels unit for connection of any kind of sensors

Control frequency up to 1 kHz and sampling frequency up to 2 kHz

10 profiles for up to 80 (or 160) configurations to cover any test need and setup

Allowing load, displacement and deformation test control

Automatic or semi-automatic load application

Fully automatic oil discharge

Connect up to four testing frames

Automatic connection to lims

Power Supply: 230V 1F 50-60Hz 70W

Dimensions: 260x260x155 mm

Weight: 5 kg approx.