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Cement mortar

Material testing equipments Dubai UAE

Cement is an inorganic material largely used in the construction industry, both on site and during the production of semi-manufactured products.

By mixing with water, the cement becomes a paste with adhesive properties: for this reason, it is considered an hydraulic binder and properly defined as hydraulic cement. This paste is generally used as a binder with solid inert materials such as sand, gravel and small rocks to produce the mortar and to prepare different types of concrete (light, reinforced, pre-stressed concrete…).

Browse this section and discover the complete range of Matest products for tests on cement and mortar.

Special voltages and Hz versions are available upon request (i.e. 115 V–60 Hz, 230 V-60 Hz, 115 V-50 Hz, three phase feeding 230 V-60 Hz)

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